Smartphones Deserve Smartcleaning

Have you ever gotten those annoying notifications that say “Your device is almost full”? Yes, we’ve all been there. And we have probably hit ignore more times then we should have. But the next time that message pops up, don’t just hit ignore and forget about it. Here are some recommendations on what to get rid of, and how to get rid of it!

****Before deleting anything it is recommended you back up your iPhone to your computer or laptop.*******

First how to see what is taking up the most room. Go to Settings>General>Storage & iCloud Usage. Under storage you will see an option that says “Manage Storage”. Click on that and it will show you how much storage you have used and how much you will have left. It will also show you a list of applications on your iPhone. For instance you may see Photos or Messages. Next to that you will see how much storage that app is taking up on your phone-highest amount of storage used is at the top of the list. Before you delete anything, here is a list of recommendations of what to get rid of first.

1.) Apps- Most people think photos are the worst culprit of their shrinking data storage. While photos do take up a lot of storage, there is something you can do to keep those precious photos-get rid of apps. Remember that Candy Crush game you were addicted to? Delete it. You don’t use that music app any more? Get rid of it. If you are the screen mentioned above then scroll down to the app you don’t want. Tap on the app and you will see a screen with “Delete App”. However if you are on the home screen, you can delete apps following the instructions down below:

 To delete an app, hold down on the app you don’t want until the apps on the screen start shaking famously known as “Wiggle Mode”. You will also see a little “X” sign in the top left hand corner. Click on that sign in order to get rid of the app. 

Going through apps is also highly recommended if you have a shared iTunes account. If you share an iTunes account it is very likely that there are some apps on your phone you don’t know are there due to someone else downloading them.

2.) Messages- This is another place on your iPhone that takes up a lot of storage. So delete any text messages that you don’t need or want anymore. How to delete a single message: Open Messages, click on the name of the person who sent you that text. Scroll up to the text you want to delete and hold your finger down. You will have two options- Delete or More. Tap on delete. Voila! That text is deleted.

3.) Photos- Before you start deleting your pictures, I recommend backing them up onto a laptop. That way if you accidentally delete a picture that you wanted, it will be there to recover. In addition, Photos has a new folder called “Recently Deleted” as a part of your Albums. You have 30 days to recover the photo before it it permanently deleted. Believe me that is a life saver!


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