Scariest Month of the Year!

October is known as one of the scariest months in the year. It has holidays such as Halloween and Mischief Night. However, there is one day in October that is scarier than these. It is the day of…… the S.A.T.s! (Aaaahhhh!!!) S.A.T.s are taking place October 3, which happens to be next Saturday. If you are a student taking them next week, here are some hidden tips and tricks to help you get a great score.

  1. Know Every College is Different!- Not every college has the same ideas when it comes to the SAT. Some colleges won’t even take SAT scores. Others will ask for them but not see it as a big component of your application. Sometimes it is the most important part of your application. Sometimes colleges will be looking for ACT scores only. So before taking any standardized test, SAT, ACT, or other wise, make sure you know what your college is looking for. It will save you a lot of time and money. Trust me!
  2. Practice, practice, and more practice- When it comes to the SAT there is never such a thing as not enough practice. The format and the questions of the test are extremely daunting at first sight. So don’t wait until you are in your SAT room to first experience them! There are tons of free apps to get you acquainted with the format of the questions (I will recommend a couple of great ones down below). There is also a PSAT that the college board offers to give you the feeling of what it is like on the day of the SAT. It will even give you a score to give you a score to compare to what you will actually get on the SAT. And, depending on your score, you could even get some scholarship help.  Of course, you do have to pay to take the test, but it is worth it to give you an idea of what the SAT will be like. If that is not a good option, you can take the SAT twice and it is recommended to do so.
  3. DON’T GUESS- Remember when the teacher would say, “If you don’t know an answer just make your best guess.” This is probably something you were told over and over again. Well take all of that advice and throw it out the window because on this test, the rule doesn’t apply. If you are unsure of a question on the test it is better to leave the question blank because you are not penalized for   leaving a question blank. However, you will be penalized if you guess and the answer is wrong. So my best advice is just to leave it blank if you don’t know it.
  4. Be prepared- Make sure you have everything you need for test day. Got two number two pencils? A calculator? Something to eat? (<This is a big one!) Your  id? Make sure you know what you need and you have what you need.
  5. DON’T DON’T DON’T STRESS OUT- One of the worst things you can do on test night is pull an all nighter. Not only will you be exhausted on test day, but the information that you have been cramming all night will be completely lost any way. The best thing to do is to space out your study sessions through the week and go to sleep at a reasonable hour on test night. And please do not stress out. You are not going to know EVERYTHING on the test, and so just do the best you can.

Just take these tips and run with them. Oh wait one last one. Breathe. You are going to be ok! I promise! And best of luck on your SATs!


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