Time to hit the Book…Reports?

School is back into full swing, and teachers are already talking about projects. Particularly book reports. I know, book reports aren’t my cup of tea either. But choosing a book that you will actually enjoy will only make writing a book report that much easier. Here are some of my top recommendations for book report books.

  1. The Theory of Everything – No not the book (or movie) about Stephen Hawking. This book written by JJ Johnson is, what I believe a very underrated book. It follows Sarah Jones, and what she refers to has her snark box,  as she tries to recover from difficult losses in her life. This book does have some dark humor, and scenes can be considered graphic to some readers, but it still manages to have me laughing and turning the pages. I am already at page 100, and I just got the book this week. This is an easy and enjoyable read which makes it perfect for any book report.
  2. The Nanny Diaries by Emma Mclaughlin and Nicola Kraus- This is another very funny story that follows Nanny, as her job of being a nanny, (oh the irony) to a very wealthy family she refers to as the X’s. Her job is to essentially raise their child Grayer. Doing so, nanny goes through the trials and tribulations of raising a child while taking classes at NYU. She gets into some pretty funny situations and you can’t help but enjoy the ride.
  3.  Paper Towns- It’s no secret that this book was written by John Green. And yes, this is a very clique recommendation, However, I wouldn’t recommend this book if it wasn’t for two key points about the book. It has an extremely strong theme/overall message and it is an easy read. This book is a fun book to read which makes it a very easy read. Its theme/message of the story is…well you’ll have to read that part to find out.
  4. Angela’s Ashes by Frank McCourt- If your book report requirements are to read a memoir (which I had to do this year) I seriously recommend Angela’s Ashes. This book is about the horrific childhood that Frank McCourt went through. Between an alcoholic father and a sorrowful mother, he was often left to his own devices to take care of his siblings. This often led to hungry nights, illness, and dampness. This book is easily one of my top ten books.
  5. A Pug’s Life by Alison Pace- Topping off this list is yet another whimsical (shocking!) tale of a pug. More specifically, Hope McNeil’s pug. Hope McNeil works at the Metropolitan Museum of art as a preserver. And one of the biggest perks of her job is she gets to bring her dog to work with her! This book comes with a list of eccentric and eclectic personalities and characters, which is perfect for that character development requirement. It also has an entertaining plot which it makes it a lot easier to write about. Check and check!

So what do you say, time to hit the books?


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