Dog Days of Summer

They saying “A dog is a man’s best friend,” is extremely true. They are our companions and stick with us through thick and thin. Unfortunately, they also stick with us through the heat of summer. Here are some ways to keep you furry friends comfortably cool in the summer.

  1. Frosty Paws- This treat is great for big pups who want a cold snack. They come in little cups that you could scoop out into their dog bowl, or have them eat it right from the cup. This is one treat that your dogs will be begging for!
  2. Ice Ice Baby!- If you don’t want your dog eating too many frosty paws but still want to keep them cool, try putting small pieces of ice cubes in their water dishes. It will help cool down their water, and dogs love to lick them! You could also use bigger ice cubes for a bigger dog.
  3. Play time? In this heat?- When dogs want to play, they want to play. The classics like fetch are still fun, but when it is 90+ degrees out, having your pup run around might not be the best idea. The solution? A plastic water bottle. Believe it or not, dogs love playing with empty plastic water bottles. Instead of playing fetch, your dog will want to chill out on its bed and chew away. There is a bit of a warning with this idea though. If your dog has been known to chew and swallow things, then this isn’t the best idea for your dog.
  4. Bring out the Hose!- This is an awesome way to cool your dog down. Just lightly spray some water and voila, a cooled down dog.
  5. Beach Trip- Bringing your dog to a dog friendly beach is another way to cool off your dog. Having them splash in the water, or lounging under an umbrella feeling the ocean breeze. What’s not to love? Yes, you might have a dirty dog, but you will have a happy one as well!

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