Back to School Apps

Ugh I know! The last thing you probably want to be thinking about is school. But, it is something to kind of start thinking about. To ease you into the BTS stuff, here are some extremely useful apps that you could download.

1. Remind (FREE)- When it comes to school, there is a lot to keep track of between classes and extracurricular and sports… Honestly, I don’t know how you survive the school year. Any way, there is something called Remind 101 where you get a text update from a group/activity. It’s basically a mass text service that could be used for school groups. The remind app is a great tool because it sorts out all of the texts by group (volleyball, soccer, football ect). A great tool to keep all of your ducks in a row, or all of your texts in line.

2. Quizlet (FREE)- I know this app might seem nerdy but it is extremely helpful to memorize vocab fast and efficiently. It is essentially an electronic flash card deck. But it is great, fast, and easy to use.

3. Spanish Dict! (FREE)- This app is an absolute essential for Spanish students. This app is reliable and reccomended by several Spanish teachers. This is the perfect app if you are in a pinch for the right palabra.

4. Google Docs/Drive (Both FREE)- These are great apps to use to write papers and save documents. Personally, I reccomend typing on a computer, but if you are into writing on your phone, these are the apps for you. Plus, you have the extra security in case if you forget to print it out! Oops!

5. Pandora (FREE)- Who says you can’t take a study break to jam out to your favorite songs?


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