New iPhone??

There have been some rumors stirring up about a possible new iPhone 6s. Of course, these rumors are extremely recent and haven’t gained a ton of momentum, but there are some consistencies in the rumors.

First, the release date. The rumors state that the new iPhone should be coming out in late August or early September. Second, force touch. This feature is very similar to Macbook Air track pads as well as the Apple Watch Screen. Speaking of the Apple Watch, the iPhone is rumored to have the same aluminum backing that is on the Apple Watch Sport. Also, there is another rumor that there might be a rose gold iPhone 6s. Then of course there are the usual updates that come with every iPhone such as a newer and faster processor in addition to a better camera. These phones just keep getting better and better don’t they?

Are you getting the new iPhone? Vote on it in the poll below, or leave a comment in the comments section!


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