Four Funniest Rainy Day Videos

Yes, like America’s Funniest Home videos, these are my favorite funny videos that I have found on the internet.

  1. Way to go Paul- This is probably one of my favorite videos and will always get me laughing out loud. The video starts as a simple video of a hockey game. Until it happens. You see a father walk next to the glass as if to get a better view. What happens next? Well, I won’t spoil the video for you. Check it out yourself!¬†

2. Any news blooper reel. Ever.- There is nothing wrong with making mistakes, especially when it is on the news. Whether it is a slip of the tongue, or the slip of the feet, you can’t help but laugh at these news bloopers. Here are some of my personal favorite news bloopers.

3. Linda Honey, Listen to Me Linda- This video is hilarious. In this video, the little boy asked his grandma for a cupcake, even though he wasn’t supposed to. The end result is a laugh out loud argument with his mother.

4.  Wisdom Teeth Surgery Aftermath!!- Yes there are TONS of post wisdom teeth surgery, however, this one is my favorite. Check it out.


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